Advanced Energy Products

Amazing Product!!!

Advanced Energy Products

Pure Energy - No Chemicals

Just apply to skin or clothing and wear for 3 days - then replace.

Patches are programed to replicate the exact frequencies found in a healthy body!


AEP Patches are Complimentary to Other Therapies

Same concept as Homeopathy Using a Technically Advanced Delivery Method of the 21st Century

This is a method of energy delivered to your body using frequencies found in a healthy body, with no chemicals, which includes energy, stress reduction, and weight loss, just to name a few.

We now have NEW Energy Cards that have been designed and programed with a new advanced technology!  They do not need to be close to the body, as the energy will extend about three feet.  The Card does not need to be used 24/7 - use as needed.  The Card does not get depleted with use and will last about three years.  Your whole family can benefit from one Card!  Some of the new Cards are:  Allergy Relief, Anti-Aging, Digestion Gluten Celiac, Focus Concentration Memory, Health Support, Pain Tens Relief, Stress Tension Anxiety, Vision Focus Eye, Weight Loss Support.  These cards combine two or more of the patches into one.

Some of the more popular patches are:

Acne Relief

Advanced Stress Relief

Anti-Craving Support

Circulation and Plaque

Energy Alertness Boost

Gluten Sensitivity

Health Plus

Immune System Support

Joint Care

Kidney-Adrenal-Thyroid Support


Muscle Repair

Pain-Tens Relief


Seasonal Allergies

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Travel Sickness

Weight Loss Support


Others available:  Anti-Aging (Longevity); Arthritis; Bacteria and Colds; Candida Plus; Digestive Aid; Female Hormonal Balance; Flu Non-Seasonal; Flu Seasonal; Liver Brain Connection; Lyme Disease; Male Hormonal Aid; Memory/Recall; OL Extract (Olive Leaf Extract); Organ Detox; Parasite Cleanse; Scar Solution; Skin & Hair Enhancement; Sleep Aid; Viruses; Vision & Clarity; Adult Concentration & Focus; Advanced Eye Focus; Athletic Training Support; Cellulite Reduction; Children's Concentration & Focus; Fractures and Sprains; Good Night's Sleep; Hair Stimulation; Master Restoration (Recovery); Mycoplasma; Peaceful Sleep; Neuropathy; Bedtime Rejuvenate 300gs Seals;  Enzymes Data Base; Leptin Receptor; Asthma

Now Available:  Pet Patches.  Some of the more popular pet patches include:  Flea & Tick Protector, Stress & Anxiety, Travel Sickness, Lyme Disease, Parasite Infestation, Digestive Relief, Arthritis

NEW FROM ADVANCED ENERGY PRODUCTS - Bio-Energy Enhancer and Toxic Energy Protection (E-Smog).  These are disks to be worn on a chain (provided) or pinned inside clothing.  The Bio-Energy Enhancer Disk is beneficial to anyone with depleted energy or an overworked immune system.  Once the energy is restored, a whole family could share this disk by taking turns wearing it.  The energy is estimated to last at least 3 years and, most likely, VERY much longer, as the energy is imprinted into metal.  This disk will complement the Toxic Energy Disk.  The Toxic Energy Protection Disk protects against toxic energy from computers, cell phones, microwaves, house currents, televisions, cell towers and transmitters, plus many more.

Patches for Chakras and Auras are also available.

We carry many of these in our office.  Any others can be ordered.  Wait time is just a few days.


Brochures are available.  Any questions about any of these patches, call 920-261-6970.


Not All Patches Available on Premises - Special Orders Upon Request

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