FORMULA 303 - Natural relief for muscle spasm, tension, and stress.

LIQUID LEOPARD HEALING SPRAY - A soothing spray to penetrate muscles, joints, and sinews.

GANO COFFEE/HOT CHOCOLATE/GINSENG - Try our healthy coffee with or without cream and sugar, the best dark hot chocolate you'll ever taste, or the energizing Tonkgat Ali with ginseng.  Also available is Mocha (coffee with chocolate).

MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF OILS FROM YOUNG LIVING AND ROCKY MOUNTAIN OILS - Too many to list - come in and see what we have and the learn about the types of things that essential oils can help with.

SALT LAMPS AND BASKETS - Come in and see all of our salt lamps and artisan salt basket creations.  A lit and heated salt lamp warms the crystals and creates a buildup of ions and removes moisture from the air.  It helps neutralize the "electro-smog" from TVs, computers, etc., in the air and reduces allergens and irritants.

VOXX SOCKS - Voxx Socks are proven to reduce 90% of foot pain.  They trigger a response that helps the brain maximize its natural pain-fighting mechanisms; increase stability, balance, and range of motion; increase energy; better exercise performance. 

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